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Ancient Tradition and Passion for wine


To obtain excellent wines, great dedication is required for each phase of the production process


They have been handed down for generations

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Riccardo Brandolini

It was 1997, I was 22 and I was an employee.

The thought of spending the rest of my life behind a desk literally took my breath away.
I was born and raised in the heart of the Oltrepò in whose veins the wine flows, I decided to support my passion and the traditions of my fathers facing the challenge of opening this winery.

The Production Process

From pruning to bottling

Guyot Training System

15 Hectares

This form of farming is used for poorer soils because it allows the vine to make the most of its resources.

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Casarsa Training System

20 Hectares

It is a system of rearing and pruning of the mixed type of grapevine, and it is partially mechanized allowing to reduce the running costs

A New Beginning


Riccardo takes over the family business and decides to enlarge, bringing it very soon, from 6 to 35 hectares

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Direct Vinification


After decades, 2002 was without doubt the year with more drought and a very high humidity level. The following year, in Villa Antica, direct vinification began.

The First Awards


After a series of years characterized by adverse weather conditions, in this year production reaches high and recognized quality levels.

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In this year the international export begins in U.S.A, Congo and Burundi

Our History

The ``Villa Antica`` (``ancient Villa``) vinery is so called for its ancientness: the Villa was built in the first half of the 19th century. Originally owned by the Faravelli family, in 1900 was bought from the brothers Ernesto and Giuseppe Brandolini.

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Red Wine

According to the exposure of the land, located in Santa Maria della Versa, the company has planted the vineyards in positions facing South East.
The limestone soils allow the wine to assume a greater structure and body in order to obtain a refined product while maintaining the genuine characteristics of the area.
In the Wine Cellar red wines are subjected to a controlled fermentation on the skins, at 20 ° -22 ° for about 10/12 days, in order to extract the aromas, the body and the color.

White Wine

Our white wines are grown in the area of ​​Montecalvo Versiggia, where a very high percentage of Pinot is concentrated with a very pronounced acidity gradient. This peculiarity highlights the aromas and characteristics of the wine, maintaining its persistence even after several months.
Our white wines are vinified by lowering the temperature up to about 5 ° to get more freshness and more aromas, maintaining the acidity.

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